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Within the depths of the human heart, lies a paradise waiting to be experienced. It is the experience of Sheng Zhen -- the experience of unconditional love. Through the practice, the heart is opened; the experience of love becomes tangible and accessible. As qi flows through the body in the practice, it brings about an experience of inner delight.

Now, you can learn Sheng Zhen Meditation anytime, anywhere, with world-renowned Master Li Junfeng. Master Li is one of the true living masters of our time. He is the driving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Meditation, practices of Unconditional Love, to the world. Master Li has traveled extensively and tirelessly, sharing his passion, kindness, wisdom, humor and love with students all over the world. Now you can experience the highest quality training that Master Li is well-known for, as well as the profound peace and joy that come from this practice.

Classes are offered free of charge. To enroll, you only need to sign in with a username, email and password.

We are happy you are joining the many thousands of students who practice Sheng Zhen Meditation all around the world!

One new module, or Sheng Zhen form, will be added each month.

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