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In this section we will introduce Sheng Zhen Meditation and give you some background about the founder and origin of this beautiful practice. We hope this section will answer many of the questions you might have. It can also serve as a handy reference when questions come up as you move through the modules.

There are many types of Sheng Zhen Meditation; some are moving, and some are non-moving. Some are standing, some are seated, and some are lying down.

There are a few things we'd like you to know before beginning these practices, and we will address them in this section. In addition to providing an overview of who we are, how to move through the modules, and a suggested order for learning, this section also includes the following:

  • About the "Sheng Zhen" state
  • How to do the "Zhongtian Movement"
  • Some gentle warm-up routines
  • A glossary of terms and important student support links.
  • and more . . .

There are many resources in this section, and we hope it will be a great support and foundation for you. When you need to reference this information, just come back to the first module, SHENG ZHEN BASICS.

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Your Instructor

Master Li Junfeng
Master Li Junfeng

Master Li Junfeng is the founder of the International Sheng Zhen Society. The Society is dedicated to bringing the graceful forms and healing spirit of Sheng Zhen Meditation to the world. Master Li is best known as the former head coach of the renowned Chinese National Martial Arts Team. He was also an award-winning kung fu movie actor and choreographer.

Master Li Junfeng achieved international fame as a popular film actor, action director, and the coach of the Beijing Wushu team. At the height of his career his success brought him into contact with a spiritual master who taught him a simple but profound meditation technique, the Union of Three Hearts. His meditation practice subsequently led to a life-changing epiphany that planted the seeds of Sheng Zhen Meditation in his heart, and he left China to spread this message of Unconditional Love throughout the world.

Today he travels extensively sharing his knowledge and experience with warmth, kindness, humor and patience.
Master Li is presently based in Santa Barbara, California, at the Sheng Zhen Center for Self-Healing. In February 2015, Master Li presented a TEDx talk in New Delhi, India, titled “Earth, a Body Alive.”

Master Li is one of the true living masters of our time. He is the driving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Meditations, practices of Unconditional Love, into the world. His life is a testament to the value of practicing this system. Master Li travels internationally to train and certify Sheng Zhen Meditation teachers, and to practice or simply spend time with his students. In doing so, he shares his passion, wisdom, humor and love, so that others can also experience the profound joy that permeates his entire being.

The premise of Sheng Zhen is that a life of happiness is humanity's natural state. To experience this, one must open the heart and merge with the Universe. Studying with Master Li gradually brings one back to this original state of total well-being.

Master Li conducts workshops and teacher trainings in countries including Canada, the United States, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Israel, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines, among others.

Master Li’s goal is a world permeated with Unconditional Love, in which every person truly loves their neighbor as if they were family. He believes that the practice of Sheng Zhen Meditation is the key to achieving this vision. With regular practice, one comes to experience a Sheng Zhen state: a life steeped in Unconditional Love.

Everything about Master Li emanates a deep and profound love – his kindness, compassion, his joie de vivre, and his seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm. His heart is as big as the ocean he speaks of in Sheng Zhen teachings – the Divine Ocean that all spiritual seekers strive to reach. To be in his company is an honor and a gift. He lives by the same principles he teaches, and his spirit is radiant. Many who meet him are deeply moved by his presence and return from trainings feeling renewed and transformed.

See Master Li's Curriculum Vitae

Course Curriculum

  2. The Functions and Forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation
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  4. How to Warm Up before Practice
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  5. Preparation: Basic Sitting and Standing Instructions
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  Next Module: Union of Three Hearts Meditation
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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Most students find the platform to be stable and pretty easy to navigate. We do have a separate page (see FAQ page in Sheng Zhen Basics) to address common technical issues. Also, see Student Support in Sheng Zhen Basics. Beyond that, just let us know what is happening and we will do our best. We are here to help!

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