Questions and Answers with Master Li

Questions and Answers about Gathering Qi

with Master Li Junfeng

1. How do you know if you feel the qi?

Some people feel qi as a little tingling, or a little warmth. 

If you try to feel qi from your Laogong, it may be easier. You may feel your Laogong getting warm, or tingling. You might notice some sensation or “special feeling,” or you might feel something coming into your body. This is qi. It is important to note that wherever you most easily feel the qi, focus on the point or that area, and feel it as a portal, a gateway. Feel it open. Keep your attention on the point or area, while you keep your body relaxed.

To feel the qi, your heart needs to be quiet. Feel your heart as quiet.  

“Quiet your heart and keep your focus to feel the qi.” 

Repeat this many times. If you relax your body and quiet your heart, it is easier to receive and feel the qi.  

Remember, your mind is very powerful.  

If it is hard to feel the qi, do not worry. Just relax. The qi still enters your body. In your mind, you can invite the qi into your body. It will come.

2. Can I do the practice sitting as well as standing? If I do it sitting, is it as powerful?  Yes, you can practice Gathering Qi sitting.  If you are tired, have an injury or want to practice a long time, you can do the practice sitting. However, the practice is usually done standing. You can also do the practice standing for awhile, then have a seat, and continue while sitting in a chair.

3. Can children or the elderly practice “Gathering Qi”?  

Yes, Gathering Qi is for everyone.  

For the elderly, if they cannot move well, this practice is so powerful that even if they cannot do the practice, they can simply use their minds alone.

They can invite qi into their body, welcoming the qi. Qi will come even without the movement. They can “think” the movement, open to the qi, and allow qi to enter from the five gateways.

4. How long should I practice “Gathering Qi”?  

This varies. To gather qi is to receive “free nutrition” from the universe.  Usually longer is better, but let your body get too tired. If you are very busy, before you do anything that day, gather qi - even a few minutes, or even only a few times. This can help your state of mind, your energy level and your health. Even only 3 times. Connect to the universe. If you are a health care provider, this gives you more energy, throughout your body, that can go into your patients. For others , when you gather qi a few times, you have more energy. This helps energize your work, your relationships, and your health.

If you are tired at work, stop for a few minutes and gather qi to refresh and recover. Then go back to work. Never think this is a waste of time. Your mind will become more clear, you have more energy, and your emotions will feel more balanced when you are with nature, with the universe. You can be indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter; you can connect with nature wherever you are. This will help your the quality of your work and all aspects of life.

5. Is it OK to practice “Gathering Qi” more than once a day? How many times is good?  

The more times, the better.

6. Can I do Gathering Qi before bedtime?  Yes. It is usually good for most people at any time, because you merge with the universe , forget everything in your life. You have fewer worries, less stress, and better quality of life.  Gathering Qi can help you quiet your mind.  If you are sensitive and you feel it will give you too much energy, do the practice earlier in the day or evening.

7. Is this practice good for anxiety or depression?  

Yes! It is important when you gather qi, to focus on the energy gateways and attune to the energy of nature. Focus on qi coming from the universe into your body, and you will naturally have less worries, less stress. Calms your mind, your heart and balances emotions. 

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